Livestream 2/3/2022 – Anno 1602

For some inexplicable reason the Anno series of games has mostly passed me by. Of course I’ve seen them mentioned and I’ve been aware of them so they are not unknown but I never got into them or even have given them a fair shake. I felt that had to change so I decided for the stream this week I’d start with the first one which is Anno 1602. I should not have waited this long to check it out.

A game that is sort of a hybrid between the resource management from the Settlers games and the colony management from Colonization with some military pieces mixed in it has carved out its own niche. An ever addictive management loop where resource management and strategy is the end all, be all path to victory for each scenario. Considering we played the first game in the series it feels incredibly polished and appropriate for the era. However I should mention that we played the US version called 1602 AD which was in essence a re-release of the game with some extra polish based on the EU version released a year earlier.

It takes a little bit to get into the swing of the resource management (toward the end we even are making a profit with our colony!) but once you do boy it’s addictive. Expect to see more of these games on the streams and channel in the future because I want to check them all out now! Thanks to everyone in chat that coached me through my first experience with this one. Check out the replay below and get hooked!