Atgames Legends Ultimate Arcade

So we decided to expand our play options in the basement with a multi arcade machine. The basis is the Atgames Legends Ultimate arcade. Considering what is included it’s quite a deal at about $500. It uses clone sticks and buttons, has about 300 games built in but the real strength is the vibrant modding community that has sprung up around it. Adding just about any old school Mame game is basically trivial and with HDMI in it’s also easy to use a RetroPie or even MiSTer with no modifications. Expect me to cover the cabinet in several upcoming videos as I’m excited to fill in the gap we had being able to play arcade games.

New MiSTer Core – Atari Lynx

A new core just released for the MiSTer: Atari Lynx. It’s not a handheld I’ve really ever played except occasionally testing it on emulators but I think it’s an awesome addition to the project. Being able to play an ever expanding library of, usually very well replicated, systems and consoles is the real strength of the MiSTer project.

Source – Reddit User limi

This should be a neat way to explore the library of a system I likely won’t own any time soon. Notice in the picture above how well the MiSTer is able to add a pixel effect that really does look great on a flat panel. Read more about the core on the official Github page for it here. I’m excited to check it out more!

Livestream 3/18/2021 – Startopia

We just finished up the livestream for the week which this time was Startopia. A really fun management/building sim from 2001 that tasks you with managing a starbase with a bit of a humor twist. I haven’t played this in years and it was fun to dig back into it realizing how much I enjoy those sort of management games. Think Dungeon Keeper or Theme Hospital and you get a general idea.

Also I should mention it was super simple to buy the game from GOG and then move the executable to my XP machine and then simply run the game. It’s great GOG still offers these old games without any DRM allowing this to happen.

Speaking of that XP machine the retro rig for the evening was a P4 2.26 GHz sporting a Geforce 4 Ti 4400. It’s actually spot on time period accurate for this game and ran it great. Anyway it was a fun stream so feel free to check out the replay below if you are interested.

Game Pickup – M.A.X.

The very forced title aside I grabbed a big box copy of the game Mechanized Assault & Exploration or M.A.X. for short (see very clever) recently.

It’s quite an interesting take on the turn based formula where you spend a lot of time building your base and utilizing resources to upgrade your units. I used to own the EU big box version but it was sadly lost in a move at some point so getting this for a good price was a nice surprise. I’ll probably stream the game at some point as I remember having a lot of fun with it.

New Video – K6-2 Build

A new video just went live featuring an AMD K6-2 build. It includes a pretty bone headed mistake so keep an eye out! This machine came from a business primiarly used as a voicemail or fax server based on where I found it. Specwise it’s not super exciting but I thought hey this would make a good build using primarily parts from 1998. So this is part 1 which focuses on the teardown, cleanup and build. The next part will be more about finishing it up, loading up the OS and then of course playing some games.