Metal Gear ported to the Amiga

Many I think are familiar with the Metal Gear series either from how over the top it’s gotten via the Solid games or perhaps they have fond memories (frustrating ones) of playing it on the NES originally. Interesting note that the creator Hideo Kojima didn’t care much for the NES port as it didn’t stay true to his original vision. That vision was from the original game Metal Gear that released on the home computer MSX2 in 1987.

It was a sales success on that platform and while there were many ports like the aforementioned NES one and also for the C64 among others, one missing was for the Amiga. There were screenshots and articles suggesting one was coming but it never materialized. Well thanks to modern coding wizard and stellar musician h0ffman that is now a reality. He worked hard to port the original MSX2 game directly to the Amiga attempting to stay true to the original game.

I’m going to give it a whirl for sure most likely on the MiSTer but I love that passionate developers from all over spend time and resources bringing things like this for everyone to enjoy.

You can check out his page on the project here with a link to download it for free as well!

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