Slowly Updating

As the site is taking shape there are a few areas I wanted to point out that may be worth keeping an eye out on and my idea behind them.

Downloads – Software, tools and updates I’ve used for builds as long as it’s not available commercially to get from a legitimate source. Expect that to build over time as I work on projects.

Random Retro – This will be a big bulk of the site containing:
* Collection information – data on computers, games etc I have
* Articles – If I want to type something up more in detail than what I can cover in a video
* Projects – Things I might be working on

Links – Literally a list of links I find interesting or useful since all the old school websites seemed to have one of these…

Of course all of this with the explicit purpose to keep the site looking like something you might have run into during the 90s. Expect cheesy gifs, clipart and horrible link lists!

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