YouTube Partner

Well I certainly didn’t expect to get to this point when I started making videos for YouTube. Mostly starting out as a hobby and a fun way to sort of get what I do for enjoyment out there… Read More

1000 subscribers!

I’m excited to say that I finally hit 1000 subscibers for the channel! It’s been quite a journey so far and I appreciate every single one that has watched, subbed or interacted with me in any way. Anything… Read More

Current Video Project

As an update to what I’m currently working on most of the video is shot for the current project but it’s taking a really long time to edit due to the way it was shot. Hindsight is 20/20… Read More

Slowly Updating

As the site is taking shape there are a few areas I wanted to point out that may be worth keeping an eye out on and my idea behind them. Downloads – Software, tools and updates I’ve used… Read More

Site Updates

The site is slowly… with an emphasis of slowly… coming together. This will take a while to represent what I had fully in mind but I’m hoping it’s a good knowledgebase where I can dump things about my… Read More