More Arcade Cores for the MiSTer

If you’ve hung around me long enough you probably know I’m a big fan of the MiSTer project. I have future plans for a video series as well as write ups on this site regarding how awesome this project is. To really summarize it as brief as possible MiSTer is an open source project using an FPGA development board to duplicate, on the hardware layer, old consoles as well as computers. It provides in some cases a near 1 to 1 experience of playing it on the original hardware.

One exciting part about arcade games being brought to it is that they basically play like the original games. One such coming soon would be Mortal Kombat!

Why is this exciting? Well the Mortal Kombat board is shared by many other similar games such as Smash TV and NBA Jam. This means cracking this nut (which involves literally tracing the chips on the original arcade board) opens up other games that used a similar design. It’s a snowball effect at that point which means we are in for a great lineup of games to play on our MiSTers!

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