Livestream 10/12/2023 – Pentium 2 450 MHz

Since the new Pentium 2 build was complete (and a mighty fine build if I say so myself!), it was natural we’d do a streaming session to check it out. It’s a really fun time period to explore,… Read More

Building a Pentium 2 Retro Machine

Something struck me a while back: I don’t have a working Pentium 2 machine! The horror! Well, that is to say I have plenty of P1 and P3 systems, but considering I spent a lot of time on… Read More

S3 Savage 4

The end of the 90s saw some pretty crazy competition in the 3D accelerator market. 3Dfx was riding high, but started showing cracks in their dominance. nVidia was cranking out new generations of cards at a near alarming… Read More

4/14/2023 Livestream – New Games for Xbox

The 6th generation of consoles, meaning Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox, are in a sweet spot of nostalgia right now. As people grow older, and plenty of people grew up on these consoles they are seeing a resurgence in… Read More

Toshiba Satellite 4010 CDT

Laptops in the 90s was a bit of the wild west as far as design goes. And I don’t mean that in the sense that they almost always looked like bricks (hey it’s a cool design!), more in… Read More