4/14/2023 Livestream – New Games for Xbox

The 6th generation of consoles, meaning Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox, are in a sweet spot of nostalgia right now. As people grow older, and plenty of people grew up on these consoles they are seeing a resurgence in focus, and for good reasons. There are many awesome gaming experiences to be had on that trifecta of systems, but I do feel the Xbox gets left out a lot.

No denying that the first Xbox had it’s fair share of experimentation. Just look at the number of “mascot platformers”! They were trying anything they could, to see what would stick. And of course numerous sports titles… but look deeper into the library and you’ll find some true gems. There are PC ports that are surprisingly good, and some truly awesome console exclusives. That makes the system quite fun to collect for, and a bit overlooked. The GC and PS2 are perennial favorites (especially the GC, look at those prices!), but the first outing from Microsoft in the console space doesn’t command nearly the same price for games. Many can be found for 5-10 dollars, which is a far cry from many other retro games.

So while visiting Washington DC a friend and I decided to go on an Xbox game hunt. We did find quite a few gems, so I thought it was a great chance to try some of them out. It was really fun to play some unexpectedly great games. Check out the replay below!