Toshiba Satellite 4010 CDT

Laptops in the 90s was a bit of the wild west as far as design goes. And I don’t mean that in the sense that they almost always looked like bricks (hey it’s a cool design!), more in that what was included. You had some that tried hard to cram in as many ports as they could, and some companies made some interesting choices. It seems like often you’d be missing some port or drive that would have made a lot of sense to include. That said, cost and technology was always a challenge. Nothing to say of poor battery performance from that time either.

But, Toshiba had a killer spec sheet in a lot of their laptops. I say that as a retro enthusiast who likes my laptops to include as many ports, and features, as possible. The Satellite 4010 CDT checks a lot of boxes, with almost every port you could want accounted for. Add in the integrated CD-ROM, and floppy drives that work at the same time, and you have a true portable workhorse.

It’s a great laptop, with some neat history attached to it, and it was really fun to mess with. Look forward to a livestream, but for now check out the video beloe!