IBM Easy Option AC 525

Rebranding isn’t exactly a new practice. There are many times where a company will release a product that’s basically just a name replacement for some other part, made by another company. IBM did this quite a bit with their Easy Options line from the early 90s, based on what I have found. The idea was to grab a piece of the market from stores where shoppers would recognize the IBM brand, and assume it’d work well with their IBM branded computer.

I’ve had the IBM Easy Option AC 525 sound card (or game & audio card, like they call it), for some time now. It’s been sitting on my shelf sealed for many years and the time had come to really check out what it was. Surprising no one, the card wasn’t actually made by IBM, but rather a rebrand. I won’t spoil the surprise on what this card actually is, you’ll have to watch the video to find out!

That said the card worked great, it has a nice sound to it, and the compatibility is excellent. I’d definitely put this in the “easy option” category! Check out the video on the card below.