New Pickup – Dell XPS T450

I managed to arrange a local pickup of a pretty neat machine over the weekend. That is a Dell Dimension XPS T450.

It was basically a quite high end late 98/early 99 computer that was able to be customized with some good specs for the day. We tend to think of prebuilt as the lesser machines these days but back then they often were the most desireable machines as long as they used good components. And we definitely have some good components here. Specs that I was able to find just by looking at it and doing some quick research, I haven’t powered it on yet:

  • Pentium 3 450 MHz
  • 440 BX Chipset Motherboard
  • AGP Voodoo 3 (!)
  • Turtle Beach Sound Card

Overall I’m very happy with this find. Expect to see a full video on this machine eventually and definitely some live streaming as well.

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