Quick Note on Tandy Video

The event of SepTandy is coming up in a couple of days. The focus for the month of September then are all things Tandy as one might guess or expect. I’ll be partaking in this with the one… Read More

Retro is fun

Just a quick post as an ode to how uh… fun… retro can be sometimes. I’m somewhat cursed I think that in just about every time I work on a retro project I end up running into road… Read More

Local Retro Machine Haul

I’m always on the lookout on local marketplaces for people getting rid of their old gear. Sometimes that means someone is digging something out from a basement just wanting it gone or even finding things on the curb… Read More

The Righteous Click

As some of you may be familiar with the 3dfx Voodoo card Righteous 3D made by Orchid Technologies uses a mechanical relay to engage. As a quick refresher the Voodoo cards are 3D only and needed to be… Read More

The Joys of Defrag

Remember spinning disks? If you have moved on from retro computers or even use modern SD card solutions for your vintage equipment it may be mostly a memory at this point. Honestly personally I’m phasing out spinning disks… Read More