VCF Midwest 21

The Vintage Computer Fest Midwest, or VCFMW if you like jumbled acronyms, took place in Elmhurst on September 11/12th. That’s just outside Chicago proper to give you an idea. The event celebrates basically everything vintage computing. Tons of… Read More

Quick Note on Tandy Video

The event of SepTandy is coming up in a couple of days. The focus for the month of September then are all things Tandy as one might guess or expect. I’ll be partaking in this with the one… Read More

Video Game Prices

As most people who collect or just simply want to buy classic games are acutely aware the prices have skyrocketed as of late. Spurred by nostalgia in most cases it’s a simple supply and demand formula. There are… Read More

Lan Party

In the city I live in there is a rather large lan party that happens yearly (and sometimes more) that focuses mostly on modern games. There are tournaments for all the popular games and it’s usually a sold… Read More

Amiga 500 Mini Announced

Retro Games, the company behind the C64 Mini, just announced an upcoming Amiga 500 Mini console. For those not familiar the C64 Mini was basically a single board computer (think Raspberry Pi style) wrapped in a custom molded… Read More