A new MS-DOS Game – Slipspeed

I was recently made aware a new MS-DOS game was released not long ago. That being a game that is fully made for DOS and the version you buy actually runs in an emulation wrapper like Dosbox. I think that’s super neat and I’m all for it. When I also found out it is available in a big box version well that was enough of that take my money!

The game is called Slipspeed and it’s basically a top down racer with somewhat Wipeout-esque physics in that your vehicles slide more than they drive on the surface. The shareware version is avialable for free if you want to try it out. I’m going to avoid spoiling it for myself until when the big box version arrives and I can do a full video on it. Requires a 486 or better with Pentium recommended!

Check out more at https://voxel.itch.io/slipspeed and also listen to the delicious OPL-3 optimized soundtrack here https://martijnfrazer.bandcamp.com/album/slip-speed-original-soundtrack