Slipspeed Arrived

After an extended shipping time from the UK my box for Slipspeed finally arrived! The box itself is quite nice and follows the sizing of say the early Sierra DOS games with the thinner design with of course… Read More


I’m quite the fan of scrolling shooter games or “SHMUPS” (Shoot’em ups) for short. There have been many entries into that category ranging from classics such as Gradius, R-Type or Tyrian just to name a quick few ones… Read More

GL Quake Unfiltered Textures

When I played GL Quake the first time using my then brand new Voodoo card it was a revelation. The smooth textures, lack of defined pixels and speedy framerate was out of this world. Normally Quake struggles a… Read More

A new MS-DOS Game – Slipspeed

I was recently made aware a new MS-DOS game was released not long ago. That being a game that is fully made for DOS and the version you buy actually runs in an emulation wrapper like Dosbox. I… Read More

Returning to DAoC… sort of

So when I just started getting my feet wet in the online world I got into an MMO that I’m surprised is still around. Dark Age of Camelot or DAoC. Ultima Online was my first MMO but I… Read More