Returning to DAoC… sort of

So when I just started getting my feet wet in the online world I got into an MMO that I’m surprised is still around. Dark Age of Camelot or DAoC. Ultima Online was my first MMO but I moved on to DAoC after that enjoying the massive RvR or Realm vs Realm combat the game offered. It meant you had massive battles going on such as this.

My shaman surveys the damage

I can’t say any game has matched the sheer scale of the PvP conflicts that took place in this game. Most of the time I spent grinding away at leveling sloooowly to max level (50). Very few quests existed in the game back then and most of the time you just killed monsters a few at a time watching your experience bar crawl across the screen.

Slow controlled pulls of mobs was how most of the leveling happened

So while I miss the friends I made during that time I didn’t exactly yearn to play the game for a long time. More modern titles such as World of Warcraft have overtaken this game and surpassed it in many ways although again that large scale PvP may still be unmatched. Imagine my surprise when I realized that DAoC was still alive and well, now partly as a Free to Play title! I spun up a trial character and was just awe struck how much has changed and still how little has indeed changed.

I don’t have a screenshot handy of my new troll (made of rock because reasons) but I’ll post one when I have a chance to take one. Does this mean I’m going to dive into an MMO again full speed? No of course not but nostalgia as always is one hell of a drug.

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