Livestream 4/21/2021 – Alpha Centauri

This week we ended up streaming a day early due to some scheduling conflicts on my side. The game for the week was Alpha Centauri from Firaxis games. Or sorry I should say Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri since they sure like to put his name on the box! And I suppose it’s warranted considering the impact his games have had on the industry in general. The Civilization series paved the way for a myriad of amazing empire management games.

Alpha Centauri itself is an evolution of Civilization 2 which while not officially a sequel it takes the space race ending of that game and poses the question of what happens when the colonists arrive at their destination. That destination is of course Alpha Centauri and the game focuses a lot more on the ecology and experience of being on a new planet. Factions are grouped around idealogical ideals rather than countries. So one faction focuses on science and discovery, another on trade and commerce and the one we played last night on the ecology of the planet.

I had never played this faction before and I was keyed in on it from suggestions of the stream viewers. And a good suggestion it was! It was really fun building armies of mind worms making sure people care about the planet. Recycle or the mind worms are coming after you! Check out the replay of the stream below.

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