Livestream 1/21/2022 – Total Annihilation

After coming out of some illness going around I had to jump back into a game that is a true classic. That ended up being Total Annihilation from Cavedog Entertainment. A staple of lan parties back in the… Read More

Livestream 1/6/2022 – Hexen II

There has been a resurgance of what we’d call “boomer shooters” as of late. These refer to games that try and mimic what the original Quake brought to the table with wicked fast action, frantic pace and insane… Read More

Livestream 11/18/2021 – Original Xbox

Hard to believe that the original Xbox launched 20 years ago at this point. It’s such a mainstay in the gaming landscape these days it might be easy to forget that wasn’t always the case. When Microsoft decided… Read More

Livestream 11/11/2021 – Daikatana

Not many games bring as many reactions as the now legendary game of Daikatana. Stuck in development hell for a long time with the promise of being the next blockbuster from one of the creators of Doom it… Read More

Livestream 10/28/2021 – Morrowind

I had been thinking I needed to play deeper RPG for a while and Morrowind came to mind. The third entry in the Elder Scrolls saga of games it really laid the foundation to what we expect out… Read More