Livestream 11/11/2021 – Daikatana

Not many games bring as many reactions as the now legendary game of Daikatana. Stuck in development hell for a long time with the promise of being the next blockbuster from one of the creators of Doom it is probably the definition of an infamous game judging by the standards of today.

John Romero founded the studio Ion Storm hot off the fame and fortune that came from having been part of the phenomenon that ended up creating landmark titles such as Doom and Quake. There was no denying the impact this had on the video game industry as a whole and in many cases it defined the landscape of FPS games for decades. Daikatana is none of these things.

A game that reached way too far and way too high it was marred with delays, horrible bugs and just uninteresting gameplay. I never played the game when it originally came out as by 2000 it already felt dated. Add poor follower AI, bland environment design and just generally uninteresting gameplay… it flopped hard. But that makes it even more fun to revisit right? Right?!

Hope you like watching someone shooting at dragonflies and frogs for a few hours? Oh that’s not what you wanted in an edgy sci-fi FPS game? Well here’s the replay regardless…