Livestream 11/18/2021 – Original Xbox

Hard to believe that the original Xbox launched 20 years ago at this point. It’s such a mainstay in the gaming landscape these days it might be easy to forget that wasn’t always the case. When Microsoft decided to jump head first into the console gaming market they were up against some pretty fierce competitors. While Sega had just bowed out Sony was killing it with their own first entrance with the Playstation and the follow up Playstation 2 was about to come out as well. Nintendo was right in the thick of it with the launch of their Gamecube system.

Personally I had played Playstation at that point but ended up getting a Gamecube later on in the life cycle when they were selling them for next to nothing. Before that I had been firmly on the PC for any kind of gaming for years and had skipped the previous console generation. So when it came to Xbox I did the exact same thing. Bought it at the very end of the cycle when it was cheap, promptly modded it and started catching up on games I had missed out on.

The Xbox still is a great console to tinker with and can stand in as a media player, DVD player, emulation machine and of course console gaming all in one. With it basically being a PC under the hood modding has been something that was just assumed which vastly increases what you can use it for. That said there are a lot of really good games including many that had their start on the Xbox. A fun one to stream so check out the replay below.