Livestream 10/28/2021 – Morrowind

I had been thinking I needed to play deeper RPG for a while and Morrowind came to mind. The third entry in the Elder Scrolls saga of games it really laid the foundation to what we expect out of one. Interestingly enough I did have this game bundled with a video card I bought back in the day but ended up trading that copy for Neverwinter Nights. Not sure if that was the right call or not but I enjoyed that game more than Morrowind.

Even though I have spent countless of hours in both Oblivion and Skyrim (and who hasn’t on the latter one there and they are still selling it!) Morrowind never managed to grab me. That said I was deeply into MMORPGs like Dark Age of Camelot and Planetside at the time so I probably felt I couldn’t ignore my in game characters to focus on yet another deep game like Morrowind.

That was different this time though and after just a stint of about 3 hours of play time during the stream I’m wanting to go back in again! There is something satisfying with this one where it doesn’t hold your hand with waypoints or quest markers. If the game says go up a hill, take a right and go past a tree that’s where you have to go. Many modern RPGs do tend to focus on the follow the waypoint gameplay which is a fair design choice and many times you can turn this off but Morrowind feels like a more “true to life” RPG in that sense. So yes super fun! We also played it on original hardware which in this case is my beloved Shuttle system which is period accurate for this very game. Check out the replay below.