Upgrading the video editing rig

My current computer has served me well through my short content creation “career”. That being based around an Intel i5-6600k that I primarily bought for gaming. I wasn’t making videos back in 2016 when I built the machine but I felt the time had finally come for an upgrade. This time the upgrade focused basically solely on video editing and rendering performance so that means the primary thing to upgrade was the CPU. The GPU will have to wait considering the current market which is unfortunate because that definitely helps as well with video encoding.

I figured I should also film this as I was doing it so that resulted in this Extra Bit episode. As a reminder the Extra Bit videos are basically my unscripted and considerably less edited videos that’s more of a raw or direct video. In theory they should take less time to make but yeah… this one still took a long time to make!

Either way it was fun, the upgrade is a huge improvement and my editing and streaming is now much less stress inducing. Check out the video on it!