Extra Bit Video – Limited Run Games

Limited Run Games (LRG) is one of the few producers that still manufactures big box PC games. It’s not exactly a ripe market so it’s not hard to see why many manufactures stay away from this besides special… Read More

Packard Bell PB 2980

Can’t argue with the draw of a classic beige tower from the 90s. This Packard Bell ticks a lot of boxes with its classic design, era appropriate specs and stacked drive bays. I got this machine in a… Read More

Upgrading the video editing rig

My current computer has served me well through my short content creation “career”. That being based around an Intel i5-6600k that I primarily bought for gaming. I wasn’t making videos back in 2016 when I built the machine… Read More

Power Mac Video Card Upgrade

Ever since I managed to get a few 90s Macs I’ve had fun exploring using them for gaming and various projects. Some of my favorites are the G4 models from the end of the 90s and early 2000s… Read More

Extra Bit Video – VCFMW Haul

As mentioned previously I went to Vintage Computer Fest Midwest or VCFMW (boy that rolls right off the tongue) on September 11/12th. This was my first time going and it was an awesome event to say the least…. Read More