Extra Bit Video – Limited Run Games

Limited Run Games (LRG) is one of the few producers that still manufactures big box PC games. It’s not exactly a ripe market so it’s not hard to see why many manufactures stay away from this besides special setups such as Kickstarter and their backer rewards. Making a big box may be one of the more expensive things when it comes to gaming just from the lack of tooling and customers expect more pack in items than you might otherwise see for a game again making the price go up. Plus you know they are usually BIG!

LRG managed to secure some good licensing with Lucasfilms however to re-release many of their old PC games which gave them an opportunity to really go all out on the box design and the pack ins. Pulling deep from the nostalgia of the mid 90s to early 00s golden era of Star Wars games it has allowed us to see some really spectacular big boxes and they are still coming.

Between picking up those really nice Star Wars boxes I’ve built up a small collection of their other offerings over the years with some other highlights that include Command & Conquer: Remastered Edition and the pinnacle of gaming with Chex Quest. Either way I had a lot of them I wanted to open so I decided to make an Extra Bit video about it. As a reminder the Extra Bit videos are basically unscripted videos of mostly just me talking showing some things with minimal editing. An attempt to get some content out that doesn’t take weeks (or months!) to make. Enjoy!