Livestream 4/15/2021 – Voodoo 2 on the K6-2

The livestream for the week centered around the recent computer I put together. That being the AMD K6-2 300 MHz rig featuring above all a Creative Voodoo 2 8 MB card. While it’s fun to go all out on overkill builds or dream machines we never could have afforded I think it’s also an interesting thing to explore really period correct computers too. The focus of the machine in general was to stick to 1998 where I could and I think it came together great. Check out my 2 part video series for a much deeper dive of the computer itself.

As far as the livestream last night it was a super fun one. Quite a lot of people showed up allured by 3dfx accelerated games, blurry textures and a squintworthy 640×480 resolution! I kid but the discussion and conversation around hardware, computers and period appropriate games I thought was very entertaining and interesting. We played some good classics such as Quake 2, Battlezone 98 and Forsaken among others. Check out the replay below.

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