Livestream 5/13/2021 – Metroid Prime

I wanted to try something different for the stream this week. Usually I stick to retro computers and dabble with the MiSTer since that’s what I know and have set up. That said I loved playing through Metroid Prime when I got my Gamecube back when so I wanted to try and stream it. The deep atmosphere and awesome progression kept me hooked all the way through and it’s one of the few games I can actually put on the list of ones I’ve beaten… if you know me that’s not many!

The road to get that capture working was long involving many different systems, cables, settings and burned discs but I got there in the end. I go through all the hoops I had to deal with for this at the beginning of the video. Otherwise to summarize this is played on a softmodded Wii using component cables output at 480p into my capture card. The game is played from an ISO file on a USB stick since I couldn’t get my PAL copy to load the way I wanted.

Still all that aside the game is still awesome! Check out the replay below.

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