Sega Saturn core for MiSTer

As the device that keeps on giving I think the MiSTer project may be the one that immediately comes to mind these days. While the project has supported an extremely wide variety of classic computers and consoles the current development is shifting into overdrive. Originally thought to be impossible due to the limitations of the underlying DE-10 platform (the board that underpins the entire MiSTer project) one of the developers going by name of Sergey or srg320 is getting close to having a working Sega Saturn core.

In a nutshell what this means is that what previously was thought near impossible due to the complex nature of the Saturn and how “modern” it is we may soon be able to run it on the MiSTer. I should mention that Sergey was the primary developer of the Sega CD core. One that also was thought to be unlikely to work. Personally I’m excited because I didn’t get a chance to explore much of the Saturn library so my next step would have been to purchase an Optical Drive Emulator, or ODE, to be able to play games on my original console. Considering the price it’s been on the back burner but if it truly comes to the MiSTer that’s just icing on top of the already delicious FPGA cake. What an awsome platform and awesome group of developers!

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