MiSTer on a CRT

One of the main benefits I see to the MiSTer is the flexibility it offers. While it’s a generally awesome retro gaming platform the ease it allows connecting to a plethora of different displays is just awesome. Using… Read More

Sega Saturn core for MiSTer

As the device that keeps on giving I think the MiSTer project may be the one that immediately comes to mind these days. While the project has supported an extremely wide variety of classic computers and consoles the… Read More

New Monitor – Lenovo L24q-30

I have quite a few monitors in my setup mostly to accomodate my normal play/work but then fun ones as well. Besides a 34″ ultrawide one I use for mosts tasks I also have a 17″ Dell CRT… Read More

New MiSTer Core – Atari Lynx

A new core just released for the MiSTer: Atari Lynx. It’s not a handheld I’ve really ever played except occasionally testing it on emulators but I think it’s an awesome addition to the project. Being able to play… Read More