New Monitor – Lenovo L24q-30

I have quite a few monitors in my setup mostly to accomodate my normal play/work but then fun ones as well. Besides a 34″ ultrawide one I use for mosts tasks I also have a 17″ Dell CRT for experiencing some of the retro stuff available on modern PCs. On my left hand side I also have (had) an older Asus 1080p monitor that I primarily use for streaming tasks. When I stream I can glance up at it to see the capture window, stream health, chat and so forth. However since I also stream in 1080p that means everything was really crammed in. Lenovo makes some pretty decent 1440p panels and since they specifically have one that’s 24″ I didn’t have to make any setup changes. After running a very long displayport cable it’s now all rigged up and ready to go for the next stream.

But with the MiSTer supporting 1440p output resolutions I just had to try it of course. And I tried it for way longer than planned… either way very happy with it considering what it cost and it’s super vibrant especially coming from the really old Asus I had here before. The mount allows turning the monitor 90 degrees to also accomodate vertical or TATE mode that many shooters utilize (and are plentiful on the MiSTer). The model specifically is the L24q-30 and it can be had right now directly from Lenovo for around $150 including shipping. It’ll get plenty of use in my setup.

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