Boombox time!

My wife managed to find a really cool boombox in a thrift store this weekend. Interestingly enough as much retro stuff as we have we actually lacked any way to play our old tapes. So this is a welcome find to say the least. But I will say above all the design and style of this is the best part of it. It just screams late 80s early 90s and based on the model, which is a Panasonic RX-CT800, that is about right. It’s nothing crazy but again the style is awesome. We tested the FM radio on it and it comes in loud, clear and quite well. It’s in need of some general servicing and cleaning for sure and I’m definitely not putting any tapes in it until that’s done. Could have done a lot worse for 5 bucks!

Expect an extra video for the channel to cover this as well… it just looks cool!

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