Livestream 4/8/2021 – Baldur’s Gate

Last night was a real fun game to revisit. That would be the original Baldur’s Gate. A game I think holds up remarkably well. It was widely praised but if you aren’t familiar with the game it tries to be a, for the time, definitive D&D experience in game form. It follows the 3.5 ruleset which allows the game to take off running without reinventing the wheel. If you have played D&D in real life or in other faithful games this will be familiar very quickly.

Beyond that the playability and polish of the game world coupled with Bioware’s deep characters and dialog contributes to a game you can sink endless hours into. There are a ton of things to discover and find in a densly populated world presented in what I consider to be some of the finest SVGA graphics you can find. Am I really overhyping this game? Maybe but it was, and still is, basically amazing. If you want to play it on a modern computer there is an Enhanced Edition available on most digital storefronts that let’s you get going right away. Still great and if you want to see me barely surviving setting out in the Forgotten Realms world check out the livestream.

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