Livestream 6/3/2021 – Voodoo 3

Since GPUJune is in full swing I opted to stream with a focus on a GPU this week. That had to start with the classic Voodoo 3 video card. In this case it’s the AGP version of the 3000D model that originally came with the Dell Dimension XPS T450 we were playing on. It’s hard to make a case for the price/performance on the Voodoo 3 cards with the current going rate but if you were to have access to or get one cheap it’s a great allrounder card. Able to handle Glide well as more agnostic standards like OpenGL and Direct3D it’s a very nice option in most scenarios for mid to late 90s gaming. With nice 2D output and good DOS compatibility it may be one of the best cards for overall use. Are there more powerful ones to pick that are cheaper today? Absolutely. But again if you get one for the right price it’s a terrific card.

For the stream we cycled through some great games from that era and quite a few people dropped by perhaps enticed by the GPUJune event. I thought it was a blast so expect this machine to make more appearances during future livestreams. Check out the replay below.

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