Livestream 6/17/2021 – Geforce 7800GS AGP

This will be my final livestream for the month of June as far as GPUJune goes. I’m out next week on vacation so I wanted to try and finish out the event with a card that was as close as it could to the end of the era. To clarify the idea was to feature GPUs before they adopted Unified Shaders. I’m not the best person to tech deep dive on that but as a general idea that means GPUs before 2006 depending on model.

In this case that was the Geforce 7800GS which is likely the most powerful AGP based GPU I have that still fits that bill. It’s an odd type of card as around 2005 when this came out PCI Express was already the de facto standard. That said manufactures still offered some cards with AGP as an upgrade path. Imagine having an older computer or a hand me down with AGP then this card would have been a solid option. Likely not as fast as the contemporary PCI Express cards but still an improvement. How we got to this particular card for the stream is a long story which I go through partly in the video. It involved failing GPUs, stubborn machines and many trials and tribulations before I ended up settling on this setup.

It was a fun stream and a lot of chatter on parts, video cards and games from the mid 2000s and I had a blast. Check out the replay below.

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