NES Rental Cases

I decided to do an Extra Bit video on some of my old NES rental cases. To give some back story in Sweden (not sure on other countries) they offered NES game rentals in these VHS style cases that had a unique design. They fit NES cartridges perfectly using a small set of plastic tabs holding them in place. I have many memories of perusing this selection trying to decide what game to pick for the weekend.

In my case I was fortunate in that my parents had a business that offered these for rental so I had virtually rent free (with some restrictions obviously so my greedy little kid mind didn’t want them all) access to NES games for a while. Then when they stopped bringing in any money they tried to sell a lot of them dirt cheap but since there were virtually no takers they ended up with the family and finally me. What a different era… the games were stacked high sold for next to nothing and since it was old noone wanted them. I have a feeling things would be different if that was offered for sale today.

Anyway feel free to check out the video below on my NES rental cases!

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