Livestream 8/26/2021 – Voodoo 5500

PixelPipes (check out his YouTube channel here) reached out to me a few days ago asking to do another shared stream. I was definitely up for this as the last one we did for the GPUJune event was a lot of fun. We discussed that we’d stream using a Voodoo Banshee but then when I happened to fall on the Voodoo 5 5500 recently we knew that would have to be the topic for the evening.

So for the livestream this week we discussed and explored a bit what made the V5 tick, what makes it so special and of course put it through its paces with some games. I love doing these co-host streams so definitely expect more of them in the future. It’s a great way to chat about just about everything and makes the stream even more fun.

As far as the Voodoo 5 5500 there are many reasons it’s a legendary card at this point perhaps not from a pure performance perspective but more it being the final high end card from 3dfx before they went out of business. Using their VSA or Voodoo Scalable Architecture, it is in essence running 2 GPUs on one card in an SLI configuration. The seamless integration of that relies heavily on the drivers doing their thing and in the case of the V5 that’s handled beautifully. As a user you really would have no idea 2 GPUs are working in tandem so they really nailed the software side of that.

So yes, great co-host, great video card and great games. Just a super fun stream so check out the replay below!

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