Livestream 9/2/2021 – Tandy 1000 SL for Septandy

The event for the month is SepTandy which celebrates all things Tandy. I have a Tandy 1000 SL that I felt I had to stream from in honor of the theme for the month. It was not easy getting there but it was also a fun experiment. We chatted about Tandy in general and explored a lot of old school games appropriate for the era.

The Tandy support in many games was a big improvement from the plain IBM CGA that came before it leading to a very capable mid 80s DOS gaming computer.

Unfortunately we had some issues with the stream toward the end where my bitrate (the quality being pushed to YouTube) just tanked which took the stream with it. Not the ending I was hoping but still it’s a fun machine to explore! Check out the livestream replay below.