Livestream 10/7/2021 – Super Metroid on the MiSTer

Metroid Dread is a new mainline installment in the series of Metroid games. The reason this is somewhat significant is that they haven’t advanced the story of the games since the 2003 Metroid Fusion. That is to say Metroid Dread will continue the story finally and counts as I believe the 5th proper game in the series. All the Metroid Prime games were all set after Super Metroid but before Fusion. So the hype for Dread is real!

To build on that hype on the night before release of the game I just had to play the true and original Super Metroid. Metroid on the NES of course was first but the convergence of awesome 16 bit graphics, gameplay mechanics and environmental storytelling is unmatched in the Super counterpart. Easily in my top 10 games of all time I have many memory of experiencing the game for the first time back in the day and also through numerous replays through the years. It’s a true classic that still holds up remarkably well.

We can enjoy the game easily using the ever awesome MiSTer which allows easy play plus streaming being a snap. I’ll never get tired of revisiting this game and it was really fun to chat about it and everyone’s experience playing (or not playing I’m not judging!) this amazing game. Check out the replay of the livestream.