Livestream 8/5/2022 – Amiga Floppy Testing

The Amiga home computer left a lasting impression on everyone that came across it back in the 80s. Here was a computer, at an affordable price, that offered gaming and multimedia capabilities far beyond what we had seen at the time. Using a set of custom chips, it had 16-bit graphics with tons of colors, scaling options and an awesome sound. It’s easy to look at it now and think it’s a bit outdate, but keep in mind this was out years before even the Genesis/Mega Drive hit the market. It was sold concurrently with the NES, yet could do quite a bit more!

My neighbor got an Amiga 500 early on release so that was most of my exposure to it back when. Also something that was standard with the Amiga scene was the rampant copying of software. I don’t think we realized games actually game on anything except blank floppies with hand scrawled notes telling us about the contents. So a while back I came across a lot of original floppies for my collection. Something that is quite rare and to determine which ones worked or not I decided to start up a stream about it! We tested a whole bunch of them and while the success to failure rate was in the range of 60-40, it was still a good time. The fact that any of these floppies still worked after over 30 years is something else!

I had some challenges getting this stream ready on a technical level but it was still super fun. Check out the replay below!