VCF Midwest 17/2022 Pickups

Just like last year the Vintage Computer Fest Midwest (VCF Midwest) was held in Elmhurst, IL in September. It was my first time attending last year and I don’t know that anything could quite prepare me for how much of a nerd heaven it ended up being. Meeting new people within the hobby, seeing so many cool things and being able to experience so much… it was almost too much!

Well this year was even more bonkers. Exhibition rooms filled to the brim with celebrities (LGR or 8-bit guy anyone?), tons and tons of vintage equipment and lots of opportunity to buy things. I don’t think I could accurately describe it in just a few paragraphs but needless to say it was an awesome event. If you have any chance to go I’d highly recommend it, it’s a great opportunity to come together as a community. I’m planning to go again next year but for now enjoy a video where I go over some of the items I picked up while I was there this year!