Livestream 3/18/2021 – Startopia

We just finished up the livestream for the week which this time was Startopia. A really fun management/building sim from 2001 that tasks you with managing a starbase with a bit of a humor twist. I haven’t played this in years and it was fun to dig back into it realizing how much I enjoy those sort of management games. Think Dungeon Keeper or Theme Hospital and you get a general idea.

Also I should mention it was super simple to buy the game from GOG and then move the executable to my XP machine and then simply run the game. It’s great GOG still offers these old games without any DRM allowing this to happen.

Speaking of that XP machine the retro rig for the evening was a P4 2.26 GHz sporting a Geforce 4 Ti 4400. It’s actually spot on time period accurate for this game and ran it great. Anyway it was a fun stream so feel free to check out the replay below if you are interested.

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