Livestream 6/10/2021 – Rage 128 Pro Mac Style

GPUJune is still in full effect so for this week’s livestream I figured I would focus on yet another video card. And in this case it’s the ATI Rage 128 Pro that came in a Mac PowerPC G4 I picked up in the lot the other day. It’s basically the card that shipped with the computer so it’s nothing special per se but I think it’s an interesting contrast to try out some well known games this way. Both from the Mac perspective but also in the sense that probably a lot of people played the games just like this. On a “base” machine (if a Mac can ever be called that based on price) with no additional upgrades. I think it was a super fun stream as I always love seeing different perspectives even though the 128 Pro buckled under some newer titles. I believe performance wise the card falls somewhere between a Riva TNT and a TNT2 if you need a general timeframe. Still great discussions and I learned a lot from some of our friends who are definitely more familiar with the Mac systems of this era. Check out the replay below.

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