Livestream 7/1/2021 – Metroid Fusion on the MiSTer

It’s nice to be back! After a hiatus for some vacation last week we’re back in the saddle with regular livestreams again. Since we’ve been doing so many retro PC livestreams lately for GPUJune I wanted to take it back to something different. I’m quite excited for the release of Metroid Dread in a few months on the Nintendo Switch. Dread goes back to the 2D roots of Metroid providing the next official installment in the series. That’s right a 2D (well 2.5D it’s 3D rendered just set on a 2D plane) main series Metroid game. And it’s coming soon!

I’m a big fan of Metroidvanias where you have gated progression based on abilities you unlock or gain as you play the game. Think the original one being Super Metroid or Castlevania Symphony of the Night. There are a myriad of entries in that genre and the Gameboy Advance saw a slew of them. There may be more but off the top of my head I know of 2 Metroids and 3 Castlevanias for the system.

So to get in the mood for the release of Dread I figured why not revisit the game that is directly before it with Metroid Fusion? It follows the Metroidvania design very well but this time leans really into the more horror-like aspects considering the Metroid universe at large. A terrific title in a terrific line of games. Thanks to the MiSTer I can play it on a CRT while at the same time streaming the game with ease. The stream was a blast with lots of ongoing conversations and fun. Check out the replay below.

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