Livestream 7/22/2021 – X-Com Terror from the Deep

We’ve been playing a lot of action games lately so this week I decided to go for something a bit slower paced. Much slower paced. X-Com: Terror from the Deep is the direct sequel to the hit X-Com: UFO Defense or UFO: Enemy Unknown (the name varied a bit depending on region). It follows the exact same mold of the previous game where you are tasked with defending the world from an alien threat. This time it’s set mostly under water! But it uses basically the exact same mechanics.

That means you are juggling base building, budgets, your solders, what equipment to buy and sell, what to research and finally actual tactical combat. It’s a lot but suprisingly all the systems do work together to provide a somewhat cohesive experience.

The X-Com games are well known for the difficulty and this is no exception. A single bad move can be enough for most of your squad to not make it back from a mission severly limiting your chances of making it in the long run. Still it’s engaging to play and keeps pulling you in to see if you can just make it a bit further. The newer X-Com games made by Firaxis took the original formula a successfully brough it into the modern age. It’s fun to see how many systems were introduced in these originals though. Check out the replay of the livestream below.

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