Random Retro

I was taking a new picture to use as a banner for YouTube and I realized that my retro interests truly are random.

In an attempt to vaguely cover everything I’m interested in there is a collection of retro computers, consoles and of course the MiSTer all in one shot. I’d like to think I’m as inclusive as possible when it comes to what is considered retro. Like many communities gatekeeping can be a real problem.

When I say gatekeeping I mean mostly that people draw lines in the sand between which is the “right” way to play or do something or if anyone is a “true” gamer or retro enthusiast just because they enjoy their retro a certain way. I think that’s a detriment to the entire community. Not to mention trying to very specifically define what is retro or not.

Regardless if you enjoy original hardware, emulation or just watching videos of retro stuff it’s all perfectly ok. No gatekeeping should prevent anyone from enjoying their hobbies. I go between playing consoles, tinkering with computers, enjoying emulation or just watching other content creators all the time. Enjoy your retro your own way. Go be random and have fun.

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