Far Cry Spec Test

My buddy Sucra over on the well… Sucra YouTube channel (check him out here) collaborated on a new video idea. We would look at the requirements of a game both from the minimum specs and the recommended specs then put that to the test. First playing the game using the low end machine and then using the supposedly good enough machine per the developer and maybe throw in some overpowered footage in there as well.

The first game we decided to cover is Far Cry from 2004 made by now famous developer Crytek. They would of course continue making games in the series and the legendary Crysis a few years later. Far Cry was something new when it came to how open the game was and the freedom you were granted in tackling your objectives.

The game is set on a lush tropical island with thick vegetation that was brutal to render for the computers of the day. It was THE benchmark game for a while to say the least stressing even the beefiest rigs to their limits. At the same time the game scales wonderfully well up into newer machines and turning on all the eye candy and max settings it actually holds up remarkably well.

It was really fun collaboration with Sucra so keep an eye out for future videos where we work together. Also make sure you watch his full video here as while there is some overlap he does it in his own style. The difference between our videos while having that overlap is what I think made it so fun.

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