Livestream 8/4/2021 – NES on the MiSTer

The livestream ended up a day early this week due to a scheduling conflict for the regular day. I’m really happy to have seen so many people show up regardless as the people is what makes the stream fun after all!

The game in question was the legendary Civilization II. Sid Meier’s iconic series really took off with the second installment giving us a new viewpoint and expanded systems basically across the board. If you play any of the later Civ games at this point it’s not hard to see the roots in this game. It actually still holds up remarkably well and will keep you hooked for hours.

Chances are you’ve heard of the Civilization series but if you haven’t they are games that task you with managing an entire empire from humble beginnings during the stone age all the way to the modern day and beyond. Found new cities, tweak your production, manage diplomacy with other nations and of course wage war. The game attempts to broadly simulate the path of well… a civilization. Incredibly addictive and I had to pull the plug to not keep going just one more turn. Just one more turn… anyway check out the replay below!

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