Livestream 8/12

Few console are quite as iconic as the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES for short. Launched at the tail end of the big video game crash from the early 80s it defied expectations in the US market and went on to completely dominate the industry. You weren’t playing video games you were playing Nintendo.

Since the NES was so popular and was made for so long the library is vast and covers just about every genre of the day. There is plenty of shovelware but also a ton of excellent titles available for play. Playing an NES today the biggest challenge with streaming it is that the best quality output you can get out of the console without modding is composite. While that is still possible to capture it’s not ideal and that’s where the MiSTer comes in. Providing a near true experience to the real thing as far as accuracy and the gameplay goes it’s a terrific way to explore the library.

For the livestream this week then we hopped through quite a few NES games using the MiSTer. Some very well known, some not so much and some likely borderline obscure. Despite some audio issues in the first part of the stream (skip to about 25 minutes if you don’t want to listen to me sound like a robot… long story) it was still super fun to explore some NES games again. I have many fond memories with a lot of these games so I always take the opportunity to revisit them. And there may or may not have been an epic accomplishment in a game I never could pull off as a kid…

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