MiSTer FPGA Video

I think it’s not a secret how big of a fan I am of the MiSTer project. Aiming to reproduce classic consoles and computers as accurately as possible it’s been a big boon for the retro world. Where emulators, while very fun to play with, have some shortcomings mostly in the lag department the MiSTer truly shines. And endless stream of new features and options are released what seems like every few days. It’s an exciting time for the platform and a better time than ever to dive in.

I’ve wanted to cover the MiSTer as a whole for a long time and here is finally my video on that topic. It’s a huge one to begin to take apart so I kept the video mostly as an introduction or surface level overview of the device. If you are curious about the MiSTer, some of its features and what it can do I’d recommend checking out the video. It was a slog to make but I’m quite happy with the result. Hopefully it’s informative and entertaining!

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