Livestream 8/19/2021 – DOS Games on the MiSTer

The MiSTer has gotten a lot of attention from me as of late. I love the device since it has so many uses for me personally. Between exploring old consoles I never got a chance to own or computers I’ll unlikely ever get it fits me like a glove. One of the more intriguing cores on the MiSTer is the AO486 one which aims to reproduce in essence a mid-spec 486. Think 33-50 MHz or so and you are in the right ballpark.

It lacks things such as a math coprocessor and the more advanced features of the Pentium but for what it is I think it’s really cool. Target games from the early 90s on DOS and you can have a great time. The core offers Soundblaster emulation, proper OPL2 or 3 and a ton of other stuff.

For this stream I used an excellent precomplied pack containing 300 DOS games which makes playing a snap. It has some quirks for sure that need to be ironed out but the person responsible is releasing frequent updates. Find the pack here

Either way the stream was fun with some new people stopping by and hey it wouldn’t be a retro computing experience if we didn’t have some issues so there were some of those too. The audio while I spoke had some extra noise because the external spinning hard drive I was using was shaking my desk enough to affect the mic arm! Fun stuff!

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