Livestream 9/16/2021 – PC Gamer Demo Disc

Way back in 96 when a Swedish version of PC Gamer launched I knew that sort of magazine was right up my alley. I subscribed nearly immediately and have many issues saved up. Launched as a bespoke PC Gamer specifically for the Swedish market it borrowed from the US and UK versions for sure but it was its own thing. Padded with some translated articles most of it was done locally.

Of course one of the highlights of the magazine was that each month you got a cover CD jam packed with demos, updates and mod files. I used these demos many times to decide what game I’d spent what little cash I had on and scouring those discs for anything remotely interesting was a thing I looked forward to.

So for this livestream I thought why not recreate a bit of that feeling? So we ended up flipping through the magazine and remembering all the tacky 90s ads, looked at the upcoming games and above all poured over all the ads for games and peripherals. It’s a neat time capsule. Following that we of course dove into some of the games and while we still had some PC problems in true retro fashion it was great chatting about times long gone. Check out the replay below.